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What does Beverly cover in the introductory call?

You can call Beverly at one of the designated times before booking a session with her. She will answer any questions that you may have about the upcoming session. You can share with her the areas of your life needing assistance. The distance energy healing session can then be booked for at this time.

What is Distance Energy Healing?

Distance Energy Healing involves Beverly working with the Divine to send you the energy needed for healing whatever is most critical at the time of treatment. The distance energy healing is individualized and will be sent to you wherever you are. Beverly will inform you of any additional sessions needed to help achieve further transformation.

What Can I Expect in a typical Infinity Wellness Session?

In a long-distance energy healing session, Beverly will connect with the Divine for your highest good. You will need to find a quiet room where you can lay down or sit comfortably for one hour.

What happens at the end of the Distance Energy Healing Session?

At the end of the distance energy healing session, you can call Beverly to discuss any experiences from the session and any further suggestions for the future.

What forms am I asked to fill out?

If this is your first distance energy healing session, you will be required to fill out a client intake form, and sign a consent form.


Nothing on this site is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. All information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. The purpose of all information provided is to enhance one's quality of life. No information provided is to advice you to discontinue or to avoid medical or psychological consultations.

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